Public Play

To Our Valued Customers

An unannounced huge raise in our rent by over 50% has required us to raise prices. It is not ideal. We agree, but we are choosing to make lemonade. Everything happens for a reason, and we know this will be the push to change and to grow and to be better than ever!

Please understand that if you Buy 5 at a time, the price is actually reduced. It is our hope that locals who want to come often will buy a membership or buy 5 at a time. If you’re only coming once a year, we're hopeful the difference won’t be too big of a burden. As always, text me if it is, and we are happy to help you get in to play.

Buy 5, Buy a Month, or Buy a Year if you like to visit often. A year may be paid in 1 or more easy payments. Come and go as you like for 365 days without having to get your money's worth on each visit. Stay 10 minutes or stay the day! We’ve added great member benefits too; 10 Buck Buddies, Free Friend Summer & Skip The Line!

Please email or text us with comments or concerns. Please be kind as we work out the kinks. Stay tuned for some exciting updates! 2019 is going to be awesome! We thank you for understanding and for your continued support. It is our pleasure to serve you.

Respectfully, John and Amber Wyman

Waiver is required for participation. Available during registration or click here to download and print at home.


1 Child Sibling Under Age 1 Family Up to 4 Siblings
PLAY DAY $14 $10 $6 $28
5 Plays $45 $45 $40 $100
1 Month $28 $28 $28 $56
1 Year $199 $189 $189 $299

How Long Can We Stay?

You may arrive any time during our play hours. You are welcome to stay as long as you like. We do not discount if you are only staying a short time. However, if you arrive within the last 30 minutes of play you may obtain a pass to come back another day within 2 weeks. Without exception, pass must be obtained at time of purchase.

A membership is the very best way to come and go as you wish... stay the day or stay 10 minutes and come back again tomorrow.

Instant Online Gift Certificates are available online or through the top pinned Facebook post. You must submit code for each use. No refunds or adjustments on instant gift certificates. Thank you.

Public Play Hours

April 2019

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10a-3p
  • Yes Parties. No play
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Yes Parties. No Play
  • Play 9-11a
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Yes Parties. No play
  • Closed Easter
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6
  • Text For Party 603-828-4847. Play TBD; refresh🌀
  • Text For Party 603-828-4847. Play TBD; refresh🌀
  • Play 10-6
  • Play 10-6


We have only a few policies. In order to be fair to all, our policies are without exception.

Please Play Safely! Parents are responsible for the care and safety of their children during play. Parents must supervise their children and enforce safe play. Accidents are impossible to prevent, but if you supervise your child and follow our safety rules, they are much less likely to occur. All players must have a waiver on file completed by a parent. Waiver can be printed from above link.

All must wear socks. We sell them for $2 if needed.

Public Play is open to the public for crawlers through age 10 (private parties are for all ages). Players under age 1 are $6. Children through age 1 are $8. Age 2 and up can access all levels of play and cost $12 and $14 or see ways to save below. Adults and babies not playing are free.

Family rate is offered as a courtesy and is for siblings only.

We like to give away many bonus plays ~ they are not honored past the expiration date.

Reservations are usually not needed, text the director through Contact above and/or see the reservation details in our Facebook pinned post.

You may enter with a group as space remains, but you may not host a party or have use of the party room to serve food or snacks to a group without securing a confirmed event. See Party above for details.

*we close 30 minutes early if all players have left for the day, up to an hour early summer/holidays. Text if unsure.

Director/Event Coordinator's Mobile is available to book events, for general information, and for compliments or concerns. Your child's safety and happiness are my top priorities. Text or email me anytime!
Amber Wyman
M: 603-828-4847

Ways to Save!

Follow us on Facebook for our best promotions and give aways!

Buy 5 or buy a membership for the best rate. Punch cards should be treated like cash - we do not keep a record of use and lost cards will not be replaced.

30 Days Unlimited Play (30 consecutive days only):
$30 per child // $55 per Family

$8 Grandparent Web Special: Each Monday & Tuesday.
Cost per child. You must please state relationship and web offer at time of payment for savings. Payments will not be adjusted after admission.

Group Day Card: $40 for up to 5 kids on one day. $8 each additional child.
Parties are not permitted during Public Play without a Playtime Party Package.
Field trips and private rentals available for larger groups. You must ask for the group rate at time of admission.

With valid USA Military Id, $8 each: valid for your children only. Thank You!

There are no combined promos and no refund if you ask for a way to save after time of admission is paid. Thank you for understanding.